A vision to reality...

A global brand driven by a passion for the optimal human experience. Founded by Michael Torres, an applied bio-engineering specialist, human performance coach, a US Army Paratrooper and multiple time combat veteran. SHIFT Performance is a multi facited brand with divisions covering Elite Sport Advisory, Organizational Optimization, the SHIFT Media Group, SHIFT Technology & Innovations Group and SHIFT Human Performance

The concept behind human performance optimization rest in the realization that the age of the “Quantified Self” is upon us. In this we have been able to engage the individual with relevant information to ensure not only the increase of personal performance, but the shift in cognitive awareness which then has a positive effect on the individual human experience.  Applying a balance of coaching, behavior analysis, objective feedback, and subjective feedback we can lead an individual, group or organization on a journey of excellence placing action behind the concepts of Flow States and Peak Experiences.

We believe in the Bayesian Theoretical model where as in it’s simplest form we base all behavior on sensory information and previous experience. By teaching individuals to take in more sensory information we can increase the level of deep experience, through deep experience the positive emotional result allows to engage in more experiences, seeking more sensory information and so forth and so on.

We believe that not only did humans invent machine learning, but that we are the ultimate machine learning system on the planet.