High Performance Management 

A complete performance solution tailored to your needs. From executives seeking balance and improved quality of life through peak performance to extreme athletes seeking 24/7 365 support to ensure they can compete at the maximum each time out. 

High Performance Coaching - In season, off season, remote, in person, & hybrid

High Performance Testing as a Service

Sport Science / Sport Medicine Support

High Performance Director as a Service * 


*Team/Organizational level requirements

Elite Sport Consulting

Providing professional organizations an unbiased bespoke approach to organizational optimization is undoubtedly our niche in the market. From front office, player management, to peak individual performance; we are engaged to provide the guidance needed to streamline procurement process, save time through comprehensive due diligence, and deliver solutions.


The most advanced sleep and performance recovery system available positioned for immediate impact now and ready for the future of human needs. Built on the foundation of our own Elite Sport Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales, known as just that; Nick has helped 1000's of elite athletes over the past 16 years in elite sport. The recent joining to the SHIFT team brings the R90 Technique fused with our High Performance Model for a powerful system that puts anyone in the best place to perform. 

Elite sport summits

Lead by SHIFT High Performance Team. Our Elite Sport Summits are not just about getting "bigger, faster, stronger" but a complete immersion in a High Performance Program. All programs are scheduled and booked in advance.

Contact us for your organization or team requirements

Key Features:

  • Advanced Biomechanical Analysis Technology
  • Team Building and Mental Performance Coaching and Instruction by current and former elite military personnel. 
  • Sport Specific Summits draw in all aspects of Physical Preparation, Cogntive Development Training, Recovery, Sensory Skill Optimization, Orthopedic Evaluations, Genetics, and Nutrition
  • Incluced proprietary programming: SHIFT SVT, SHIFT R90

Programs Offered:

Hockey Performance  | Available May -August

Extreme Sailing Global Winter Performance | January - April

Motorcycle Road Racing Performance | Available November - February